Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another "Only in India" post

Since last Thursday, our furniture has been arriving bit by bit, with a small number of pieces every day (except Monday).

Today, we found out what had happened to the second truck that was supposed to deliver more furniture yesterday.

Get this: the truck with our furniture has been "hijacked" by militant union types in response to the truck trying to break the picket line. (I didn't realise the unions were that organised!!)

Apparently the police have become involved but nothing will get sorted until at least Sunday.

Can you picture the look on my face & hear the stunned silence on my end of the phone when Tania rang to tell me ?? The laughter coming from the local staff downstairs could be heard up on the first floor.

"Incredible India" indeed !! ("Incredible India" is an advertising campaign here promoting local tourism)

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