Saturday, February 22, 2014

Signing off from New Delhi’s now that time when I say goodbye to New Delhi.

I leave India tomorrow for a holiday in Italy (Tania follows a week later); then it’s back home to Canberra and life as a public servant.

I know that Canberra will seem positively boring in comparison to India.

I’ve enjoyed my time here, although it’s tested my patience many times. India can bring out a range of emotions in you (at both extremes): I’ve loved it, I’ve hated it, it’s amazed me & it’s infuriated me.

I’ve met wonderful people; I’ve seen amazing things and been to places that I never thought I would ever find myself.

It truly is an amazing country !!

I know that I’ll look back at our time here with great fondness.

Thank you all for sharing the adventure with Tania and myself. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as well.

If you want to continue on the ride with us in Italy, please check out my other blog:

Until our next adventure, which I hope you can all be a part of, so long and farewell.

Last drinks at the bar

With my time in India fast running out, I had time for one last visit to the Henry Lawson Club – the High Commission bar.

This place was a great pleasure to run as the bar manager for two years.

Last night, Tania and I said goodbye to our colleagues.

Saying goodbye to David and the kids

We have a tradition at the High Commission that when diplomats and their families post back to Australia, they visit the bar one last time and get to write their name on this dirty, great big whiteboard set up right next to the bar.

It’s a fun way to remember those who have been posted here.

Last night, Tania and I got to write our names up onto the board – it then really dawned on us that this really is the end of an era.

Also...what better way to go out in style than with karaoke at the bar.

Chris and Tania gave us “Islands in the Stream” and Tania gave it her all with her signature karaoke song – “Paradise City”.

It was a fun (if somewhat quite emotional) way to say goodbye. 

Chris and Tania singing "Islands in the Stream
Even those behind the bar were giving it a red-hot go

Tania and the back-up singers
Tania belting out her signature song: "Paradise City"

Saying goodbye to Kamal - one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet
The singing continues...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Farewell from DIBP

Yesterday, DIBP hosted a farewell for Tania at the High Commission. It was an all-(DIBP) staff affair.

There were speeches (a special one from Raj had everyone in tears), there were presentations, there were gifts, a lot of laughter and even more tears.

It was a lovely farewell.

Raj's speech that had everyone in tears
See what I mean about the tears

A lovely farewell gift from everyone
We're going to get that framed back in Canberra

Cutting the cake
All the DIBP staff turned out to say goodbye

One of the presentations, was especially significant. Late last year, Tania found out she (and one other person) had won the Secretary’s Leadership award. It recognises outstanding leadership within the department.

Well done Tania !! I’m very proud of you !!