Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nigerian Cannibals

A couple at the embassy were recently re-negotiating the contract with their maid. The sticking point has been (amongst other things) work hours. This particular maid wanted to work 9am – 3.30pm. The couple wanted her to work until about 5pm.

When pressed about this, the maid responded (in all seriousness) with the following: the maid has a daughter who catches the bus & it's a 20min walk from the bus stop to the house. The husband is working as well. They don't like the idea of their daughter walking alone because there are Nigerians in the neighbourhood, and she reckons that about a month or two ago there were a couple of "accidents" whereby a young girl was killed and eaten by cannibals!

Nigerian Cannibals ?? W.T.F ???

A Google of the terms “nigerian cannibals in new delhi” found this:

Now, before you write this off completely, there are legitimate concerns for child safety in Delhi (particularly girls). There have been horrific stories in the papers here about kids being kidnapped, raped, murdered & mutilated so a parent has every reason to be concerned about their kids walking home alone from school.

Saying that......Nigerian Cannibals ?? Seriously ??

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