Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mela at the High Commission

Yesterday, the High Commission hosted it's annual Christmas Mela (think of a fete). The stall holders were all NGOs except for three stalls run by the High Commission: the book stall, the cake stall & the christmas decorations stall.

Tania & I manned the cake stall.

Here are some photos from the day. I hope you like:

The cupcakes Tania made the night before

Coconut Ice for sale

Fruit mince pies for sale

Lovely Portuguese Tarts for sale (they were yummy !!)

Honey Joys for sale

Manfred & Dr. G.

Tania at the cake stall

Cynthia, Kirsty & Melissa

The great organisers of the Mela (Lynne & Caitlin)

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  1. Hey - great blog, I finally had a look!
    And those cakes were amazing, I especially enjoyed the coconut ice that one of my friends brought for me :)