Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dumpster diving squirrels

The embassy compound has squirrels running around it (as throughout Delhi). At lunch, they hang out in the trees, watching us eat lunch & waiting for us to leave so they can then swarm over the table & munch on any of the crumbs.

They’ve now figured out that the rubbish bin by the canteen can sometimes contain bigger scraps of uneaten meals. It’s quite funny to see two or three squirrels jumping into the bin & fighting amongst themselves for the scraps, with the occasional head of one squirrel popping up.

It’s even funnier to watch as unsuspecting person dump rubbish into the bin, much to the squirrels annoyance & to the person’s surprise....I’m talking to you J.B. !!
These photos are not actually from the compound (the squirrels there never stand still long enough for you to take a photo). These photos are from a recent cricket match we went to see.

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