Sunday, March 18, 2012

A tour of Delhi with Salam Balak

The Salam Balak Trust is a charity organisation set up to look after Delhi street kids. It provides: drop in centres; shelters (for both girls & boys); clothing & food services; education services; recreation services; health services & vocational services to the Delhi street kids. It gives them a chance to a future.

Their website is:

Salam Balk conduct tours around Delhi station; with former street kids as your guide. The tours last about two hours. You wander through your guide’s former haunts; your told the guide’s history about how they came to be on the streets of Delhi; what they did to survive on the streets & what the trust has done for them, to get them off the streets.

It’s quite a fascinating side of Delhi that you wouldn’t normally think about & well worth it.

These are some of the former street kids taking us on the tour

If you're wondering why the dog has a slight pink tinge, it's because he's been plastered with Holi paint. He's a "Holi Dog"

These last two photos are of religous icons on the walls of a Delhi laneway. Why are they there ?? To stop guys pissing up against the wall !!

When visiting the boys shelter, we popped in to see the biys at school. They couldn't help themselves; they loved being in front of the camera

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