Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Punjabi Wedding

Recently, two very good friends at the High Commission (Tiana & Andrew) celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary (well done !!).

Rather than go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, Andrew had something a little more "topical" in mind. By topical, I mean, he orgainsed a full-on Punjabi wedding complete with musicians, drummers & dancers.

We all had to come dressed appropriately (as you will see from the photos).

My ears were bleeding from the constant noise that surrounded you.

Anyway....hope you like the photos I've chosen for you.

This is the gear I picked up in Cochin...I reckon I don't look half bad !!

This is the groom - he mounts the horse & begins the parade to the reception centre, surrounded by dancers, musicians, fire eaters & all other forms of chaos. The bride has to walk !!

Some of the local staff dressed up for the occasion

Some of the A-based dressing up for the occasion

These are the fire-eaters & acrobats

One of the musicians - he was battling to be heard over the drummers. The musicians & the drummers don't seem to co-ordinate what they play. It's simply battling "noises".

These are the dancers

Yes...you're seeing right about those chandeliers

This is the "portable" generator powering the chandeliers

A dodgy bunch of characters

An even dodgier bunch of guys

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