Monday, October 1, 2012

The Entrepreneurial side of India

The following post is about two stories that highlight the somewhat entrepreneurial side of India.

These stories were told to us by secondary sources, who’d heard it from primary sources.

While I cannot verify they actually happened, I suspect there is some degree of truth to these stories.

The first story is about a foreign diplomat who came early one night from a trip abroad. As his car pulled into his street, he noticed a line of people snaking its way down the street.

As he pulled up to his apartment, he noticed that the line was coming out of his apartment block.

To his horror, when he got the front door, he saw the line coming out of his apartment.

It turns out the maid, during the diplomat’s absences, would rent out the showers of the apartment for Rs 10 (about $AUD0.25) a go.

Our second story is about an Indian couple who went out during the day, leaving their baby child in the care of the maid.

This couple also came home early & discovered, to their horror, the baby missing. Upon questioning the maid & I assume, getting the police involved, it turns out the maid was “renting” (yes - I did say renting) the couple’s baby to the beggars working the nearby traffic lights. The baby was recovered safely & unharmed.

Needless to say, in both instances, the services of the maids were terminated immediately.

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