Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Holi

Happy Holi everyone.

Today (27th March 2013) is the Hindu festival of “Holi”.

Also known as the “Festival of Colours”, it’s the day where you wear your whitest (throwaway) whites & prepared to be bombarded (literally) by water bombs & coloured powder (hopefully non-toxic). 

At the end of it all, you come out looking like someone’s bad psychedelic, technicolour dream.

The High Commission hosted a Holi party on the HOM’s back lawn yesterday.

We did have a designated Holi paint area where if you walked into the space, you were fair game. 

As the afternoon progressed, however, the paint area kinda grew to encompass the entire back lawn & pretty soon, everyone was covered in paint to varying degrees.

It was alot of fun as the photos show:

Ed (L) & Nicole (C) will be the control subjects - see how colourful they  get

Starting to see a bit of powder on the face

Now it starts getting ugly

Chris looks like he's having fun

Yes !! Water pistols are an essential part of Holi

Alexis (from the first photo) at the height of the colourfest

Our DHOM (L) lasted 1 minute before being bombarded

Even the visiting IT techs got into the spirit of things

Poor Anna looks like she doesn't know what's hit her

Caitlin & Kate

These two managed to escape relatively unscathed

These two showed after we'd run out of coloured powder

Nicole at the end of the afternoon - this photo sums it up !!

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