Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day 2014

Happy Australia day !!

Did you know that today marks the 65th Anniversary of the institution of Australian citizenship ??

65 years ago today, 2,493 people from 35 nations became Australian citizens with the first citizenship ceremony held in Canberra on 3rd February 1949.

Since that time, 4.5 million people have chosen to become Australian citizens with more than one million in the last decade.

Today, Australia Day 2014 saw a record-breaking 17,863 new citizens from 155 different countries making the pledge to become Australian citizens in about 400 ceremonies across the nation, including four 4 ceremonies held overseas.

One of those was at the High Commission in New Delhi.

It was quite a lovely ceremony with a good turn out to see Otmar (one of our spouses) and Preeti take the oath and become Australian citizens. It was even more special because Otmar’s parents flew in to Delhi especially to attend the ceremony – something Otmar didn’t know.

Turned out to be quite a lovely day - after the ceremony, there was a BBQ, meat pies, lamingtons, pavlovas and even a cake. was also Republic Day so Happy Republic Day !!

Here are some photos from the day:

The reaction from Otmar when he realised his parents were here
Otmar and his parents

Tania was Master of Ceremony 
Preeti and Otmar reading out the pledge

Singing the National Anthem

The ceremony was streamed live to relatives back in Australia

Yummy meat pies !!

Even yummier pavlovas

Otmar's cake

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