Thursday, February 20, 2014

Farewell from DIBP

Yesterday, DIBP hosted a farewell for Tania at the High Commission. It was an all-(DIBP) staff affair.

There were speeches (a special one from Raj had everyone in tears), there were presentations, there were gifts, a lot of laughter and even more tears.

It was a lovely farewell.

Raj's speech that had everyone in tears
See what I mean about the tears

A lovely farewell gift from everyone
We're going to get that framed back in Canberra

Cutting the cake
All the DIBP staff turned out to say goodbye

One of the presentations, was especially significant. Late last year, Tania found out she (and one other person) had won the Secretary’s Leadership award. It recognises outstanding leadership within the department.

Well done Tania !! I’m very proud of you !!

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