Saturday, June 25, 2011

A lunch at Gunpowder restaurant

On the weekend, a group of us went to lunch at this place called “Gunpowder” in Hauz Khas Village.

The place is small (only about 30 covers) & a bit hard to locate: down a few alleyways & up three flights of narrow stairs.

The food is southern Indian.

The booking originally started as a table of two, then three, by the time we sat down, it had grown to five & by the time everyone had arrived, it was now six. The staff were very accommodating in re-arranging the tables.

We ordered a selection from the menu which proved to be more than enough for all of us:

Iddiki Sweet & sour pork curry
Mushroom Curry
Vegetable Korma
Eggplant chutney (with tomatoes & onions)
Mango chutney
Lime & green chilli chutney
Tamarind Rice
Tomato Papu

They served this lovely, fluffy & light bread (whose name escapes me) that was very tasty.

My favourite dish was the Iddiki pork curry. The pork was covered in this caramelised sauce which had a bit of a kick to it.

The tamarind rice worked very well with the dishes. It too, had a bit of a kick, especially when you ate a bit of the dried chilli. The eggplant chutney was quite sweet & didn’t really taste of the eggplant but more of the caramelised onions.

Everyone loved the meal & it only ended up costing us a grand total of INR2600 ($AUD56).

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