Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recently overheard

An Australian was recently back home, escorting a group of Indian public servants to an inter-governmental conference.

The Indians were picked up at the airport by a shuttle bus.

The group was advised that seat belts had to be worn.

A bit of backgrounder here: in India, seatbelts are not compulsory for the passengers (you'll find that most of the taxis certainly don't have seatbelts for anyone other than the driver).

One of the group asked the question: what would happen if they didn't wear their seatbelts ?? They were told that the driver & the person not wearing the seatbelt would be fined.

Another in the group asked the question: how much is the fine ?? The bus driver piped up at this point & said: "$500 for the driver & $100 for the person not wearing the seatbelt"

Someone else in the group asked: how does that happen ?? The driver responded that if a policeman notices someone not wearing a seatbelt, the car/bus would be pulled over, the driver issued with a ticket & then the offending passenger would then be issued with a fine.

This same person then asked this question in all seriousness & with a straight face: "can't you pay the policeman something ??"

- At this point, insert sound of silence inter-dispersed with the sounds of crickets & picture stunned Australians staring back at Indian guy

Just an example of how India is just a whole different place !!

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