Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Talking Broom Cupboards

The High Commission recently hired new contractors to provide cleaning services to the place. The group they’ve hired are quite efficient, very friendly & smell a hell of a lot better than the last lot (that's a whole blog post in itself!!).

The cleaners use, as their “base”, broom cupboards on the ground & first floor.

These broom cupboards are located in a corridor on the way to the toilets.

We all thought we were going mad when we first heard it: we swore we were hearing the cupboard “talk” to us.

We soon realised that it’s not that the cupboard is “talking” to us but that the cleaners were congregating in the cupboard & having a bit of a chin wag. When I say cleaners, I mean ALL of them. The cupboards appear to be veritable tardis’ (ala “Doctor Who”) & seem to fit the entire cleaning workforce.

You will watch the door, hear the conversation cease, then watch in stunned amazement as every single one of the cleaners exit out of the cupboard & shoot off to their respective areas of cleaning.

Something to keep us amused during the day.

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