Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dinner at Le Cirque

The other week, Tania & I went to a farewell function for her American colleague. The function was held at the Leela hotel, at a restaurant called “Le Cirque”.

The meal was quite a good meal, served (for me) with a lovely Sicilian red.

I had the de-constructed Caesar salad:

The de-constructed Caesar Salad



I had the cod, wrapped in prosciutto:

The cod wrapped in Prosciutto

Tania had a lovely pan-fried chicken breast:

The pan-fried chicken with mushrooms & a cream sauce


Dessert consisted of two options:

Crème Brulee:



Crème Angalise:

I managed to have both because I happened to mention to the waiter that I would normally go the Crème Brulee but wanted to try the Crème Anglaise.

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