Monday, July 1, 2013

Cooking with the Kalras

On Saturday, I went on another excursion with Delhi Food Tours (website:

This time, a group of us from the High Commission and some visiting Americans (Jeremy and Laura) went to the Prashant Farm to experience “Mum’s Kitchen – Cooking with Mrs Kalra” -

It was a morning and afternoon of watching, learning and participating on the fine art of how Mrs Kalra prepares some classic Indian meals. On this day, we prepared the following meals:

Chicken Biryani
Mutton Korma
Paneer Butter Marsala
Yellow Dahl

After salivating at the prospect of eating all this yummy food you’ve helped prepare, we sat down at the big table to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The meal was outstanding and the food was some of the best I’ve had.

We had two bonuses on this day – the first was learning about “Dad’s Grill” -

This is a new service being offered by “Delhi Food Tours” where Mr Kalra, a larger than life character, teaches us all about the art of the Indian BBQ (something being close to the heart of any Aussie male).

He taught us about preparing the meat (ie: marinating the meat for just the right time in just the right collection of spices) and cooked it up for us.

The chicken was the most tender that I’ve ever tasted !!

The second bonus was learning about how the Indians eat a mango – it’s a lot less messy and a lot more fun than the way we Australians do it. Tasty mangoes too !!

That’s one of the things I love about this country – the mangoes are so tasty !!

It was a fun day and would gladly do it again.

If you’re ever find yourself  Delhi, take one of their tours or get yourself out o the farm to cook with mum or BBQ with dad.

I hope the photos can do it justice:

Mrs Kalra (aka "Mum")
Jeremy working on the Biryani

About to start cooking the Biryani
A selection of the spices used
Otmar working on the Korma

Working on the Goat Korma
Caitlin working on the Paneer Butter Marsala

Laura working on the last bits for the Buryani

Kellie very proud of her Parantha
Mr Kalra (aka "Dad") and Ayesha
Mr Kalra working his magic with the marinade

Mum and Dad
Ayesha and Prashant
Mmmmmmm......tasty kebabs !!
Tuck in !! 
Caitlin resting up after a big meal

How we all felt at the end of the meal !!

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