Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ami and Ashley’s adventures in India - Agra

The day after they arrived in India, we took Ami and Ashley down to Agra to show them that must-see monument of India – the Taj Mahal.

In the car heading down to Agra
This time, we were seeing it in the afternoon but seeing it with lots of people – all vying for that perfect photo spot.

I have to say that the afternoon sun looked beautiful on the Taj and the photos don’t really do it justice.

In the electric car heading to the Taj
It's a dog's life
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There were lots of selfies going on

Ashley at the "Diana" chair

Ami at the "Diana" chair
Sunset over the Mosque
Dinner that night was at “Peshawri” – a sister restaurant to the famous “Bukhara” restaurant of Delhi.

The next day, it was a visit in the morning to see the Red Fort before heading off to Jaipur.

You could just glimpse the Taj through the haze

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