Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ami and Ashley’s adventures in India - Jaipur (The Amber Fort)

Ami and Ashley’s adventures in India – Jaipur (the Amber Palace)

First stop for our second day in Jaipur was “The Amber Fort” – we got there nice and early to beat the crowds. As it turns out, our hotel is on the Amber Fort side of town so we got there even earlier.

It was a beautiful sight to see the fort in the morning sun.

Doesn't it look amazing in the morning light ??

As it was morning, elephants would take us up to the top of the fort complex. Ashley and Tania went on one elephant while Ami and I went on another. Ours had to be the slowest elephant walking up to the fort – I swear it was if it was still waking up !!

The elephants lined up to walk up to the fort

It's a dog's life indeed

I like this photo

Ami and I on our (slow) elephant

Negotiating the narrow passages with the balloons

The procession of elephants going up to the fort

If you’re wondering what the deal is with the balloons, it’s a running joke that the last time Amarjeet drove Tania and friends around, one of the group had a birthday. So...he turns up the next day with balloons for the birthday girl.

The tradition continued this time around even though it was no-one’s birthday – Ashley got stuck with the balloons this time.

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