Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday in Hawaii

Tania & I were in Hawaii in mid-October. "Why Hawaii ??" I hear you ask. was Tania's sister's 40th birthday. Dana has never been overseas & wanted to go somewhere nice & that was kid-friendly. Hence was born the desire to go to Hawaii. From a simple trip of taking the family (Dana, Mick, Sophie & Kirsty) it soon grew to a sort of "brady bunch does Hzwaii" trip: Tania & I wanted to meet up with them, Tania's parents (Kay & Doug) were then coming, as was Tania's aunty Pam & uncle Ian. I'm telling you....a regular brady bunch trip !!

For those coming from Australia, it was a relatively simple flight flying in from Sydney. For Tania & myself, trying to find a (relatively) direct flight to Honolulu that didn't have us routing through Amsterdam AND Chicago turned out to be harder than we thought. We did eventually find a flight (routing through Manila) that got us there in reasonable time (if you can call 18.5 hrs reasonable).

On a side note....can I just say that Manila airport is THE shittiest airport that I have EVER transited through !!

Hawaii was a great holiday. The weather was superb every day, the people were really friendly, our hotel was very well positioned (overlooking Waikiki Beach), the food was excellent (went on a three day beef-a-thon at the start) & the shopping has to be seen to be believed.

I was only there for four whole days before having to fly back to Delhi (to then catch a flight to Canberra for work). In that short time, I managed to fit alot in including lots & LOTS of shopping, snorkelling at Hanauma Bay & a trip to Pearl Harbour.

From a wardrobe perspective, I managed to come out of this trip really well with a whole new wardrobe & a classy selection of Hawaiian shirts.

The Wilson/Doyle families had a great time as well: it was great to catch up with everyone.

Here's a selection of photos from the trip. a selection of my film photos will be posted once they are developed.

Surfers off Waikiki Beach

The Doyle Family

Kay & Dana

Doug & Ian

Pam & Kay

Diamond Head

This is Hanauma Bay where the family went snorkelling

Your truly on the bow of USS Bowfin (Pearl Harbour)

The statue of "The Duke" - the father of modern surfing - at Waikiki Beach

An example of the portion sizes we were getting (note Sohpie's reaction...or is it Kirsty??....I can never tell !!)

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