Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What did you get up to over the weekend ??

If you asked “What did you get up to over the weekend ??”....I would answer: “I went to a camel fair”.

Yep....you heard right. Tania, myself & our friends Chris, Manfred & Angela went to the Pushkar Camel Fair in the state of Rajasthan.

It’s a 6½ hr train ride (from Delhi) to the city of Ajmer & then a 40min car drive up the mountain to Pushkar itself.

We stayed at a resort about 1km from the showgrounds. We were put up in these very nice tents complete with western-style toilet & shower.

So...what’s a camel fair in India like ?? There are ALOT of camels (funny that). There are also alot of other farm animals like cows, buffalo, rooting pigs, goats & did I mention camels ??

Think of it like the Easter show in Sydney or the “Ekka” in Brisbane only multiply the focus on the animal side of things by a factor of 50 million & the sideshow alley aspect by a factor of 10.

It’s crazy...there’s no other way to describe it. “It’s like India on steroids” as Greg (another Australian from the High Commission who was there) described it.

It’s noisy, it’s dusty, it’s crazy, it smells of camel sh** but it is the most amazing sight to see and that’s on a normal day. You should see what it’s like on the Sunday when they have the big parade !!

Here are a selection of photos from Tania & Angela that give you some sense of what it was like. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll be putting up my film photos early next week (along with some photos from the Hawaii trip).

On the train head to Pushkar (Chris & Manfred)

The tents we were staying in

Quite nice accomodation in these tents !!

Getting into a bit of the illegal wine drinking (it was a dry resort...supposedly !!)

Holy cow !!

A bit of the Movember action going here

Some more of the Movember action- did you know they have a moustache competiton ??

Would you buy anything from this guy ??

WTF ?? I don't know about you but I found this doll to be very disturbing !!

Here's that rooting pig I was telling you about

The burning garbage bin - it was burning away for most of our time in Pushkar

No...he's not dead. He's the sleeping man (asleep by the side of a busy Indian road - complete with buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc....)

Some of the dos & don't of being in Pushkar

More Movember action

On the back of the camel taxi heading down to the showground

VIP Camel

In the VIP section at the showground

Mixing it with the locals

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