Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Mighty Hindustan Ambassador

Tania & I recently bought a car & we were handed the keys to it on Tuesday.

The car is a Hindustan Ambassador (Classic) - think of it as a sort of "people's car" that has been in continious production here in India since 1958. The car is originally based on the Morris Oxford III model.

It's used extensively by the Indian government. It's also what alot of the taxis in Delhi are.

It's built like a tank, it drives like a tank but it does the job. The job ?? Driving us to/from work & around Delhi on the weekends.

This particular Ambassador has been in the Diplomatic community for nearly 10yrs. It was originally owned by the Dutch before then passing onto the Australians where it has been ever since.

The car (it doesn't have a name yet)is a bit of a legend at the High Commission. The interior was renewed last year which has made it even more of a legend.

We also have our own driver. His name is Ashok. He's been a driver in the Diplomatic community for many years. He's very proud of the "Amby".

A very proud Ashok with the "Amby"

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  1. You're only an elephant away from owning a Peugeot 206...