Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Memorable Christmas (for all the wrong reasons)

Christmas this year was spent in Delhi with friends. Don’t get me wrong...Christmas itself was wonderful. We got up early & opened up all the presents & then headed over to the High Commission for a turkey lunch (with all the trimmings) at Louise’s place (see below):

One of the young peacocks decided to make an appearance

It was Boxing day that sucked the big one.

We were heading down to Agra & the Taj Mahal in the early afternoon. We arrived at Delhi train station (the mass of humanity there has to be seen to be believed) relatively early, only to discover that our train was delayed by about 5 hrs (due to heavy fog).

While we arranged for a car to drive us down to Agra, we headed over to Connaught Place to grab a coffee & a bite to eat (first mistake).

We went into the “Lavazza” coffee shop & deposited our bags by the door, but out the way (second mistake).

We sat at a table, then moved to another table, I then went to the toilet…can you see where this is heading ?? By the time I came back, my backpack, with both our clothes, was gone. We were distracted for only a few short minutes but that was enough for someone to grab our bag & walk out of the shop.

Thankfully, we didn’t have passports, credit cards or cameras in the bag but that was a really good backpack they stole !! Tania wasn’t too happy about losing all that makeup either !!

The annoying thing (amongst several annoying things) is that there was a young woman sitting at a table beside us who saw that whole thing !!! That woman later came up to us & apologised to us for not doing/saying anything.

Not wanting our friends (Jules & Don) to miss out on the Taj Mahal, we packed them up into the car & sent them on their way while we then spent the next four hours dealing with the police & lodging a formal report.

The Indian bureaucracy didn’t let up as we filled out the forms: we couldn’t write it in blue pen (had to be black) & they wouldn’t let us (for some reason) use the word “stolen” in the report. The word “missing” was fine but you couldn’t use “stolen”.

We got back home after 5½ hrs (minus bags) & just shut ourselves off from the world.

It was truly an “I hate this place” moment.

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