Sunday, January 8, 2012

A visit to Udaipur

The first few days of the new year were spent in the town of Udaipur. It was quite a lovely getaway. We did a lot of shopping, saw the sights (incl. the Palace) & had a lovely dinner at this great place called “Ambrai” with some lovely friends that we’d met in Rawla Narlai.

Here’s a selection of Tania’s photos from Udaipur (my film photos to follow):

If this palace looks familiar, I think because it was in the Bond film "Octpussy"

Udaipur at night

Some more of Udaipur by night

This is the group out to dinner at "Ambrai": Back row (L to R): Don, Jules, me & Gen. Front Row (L to R): Anne, Nick & Tania

I think the boat featured in this photo is meant to be the royal boat

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