Monday, November 12, 2012

Remembrance Day 2012

On Sunday, it was Remembrance Day.

Every year, the Brits organise a small ceremony at the Delhi War Cemetery.

It’s quite a moving ceremony with more of an involvement from the Indian military. I wonder how easy it was for the Brits to organise the buglers ??

We even had an Indian piper.

The ceremony is (& always has been) conducted by the Rev. Ian Weatherall. He served at an army Chaplin during the Second World War (in India). He went back to the UK briefly, before returning to India just after Partition.

He has been here ever since & is a feature of every ANZAC Day & Remembrance Day service.  

His speech this day was from the heart – you are the generation that can change things & make the world a better place.

Some serious Movember action going on here

A dodgy bunch if ever I saw one

Some of the Indian vetrans

The Reverand Weatherall

The Pakastani military contingent

The piper at attention - waiting his moment

The man in charge of yelling

Laying of the Army wreath

Laying of the Navy wreath

Laying of the Air Force wreath

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  1. Would be grateful if you kindly send the Revd Ian Weathrall's picture featured here at We are collecting his photographs of various occassions. He has been died yesterday on 30th April 2013 in Delhi.