Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A visit to the Temples of Orchha

Just before flying to Australia, Tania and I spent a weekend down in Orchha (in the state of Madhya Pradesh).

It’s a five hour train ride south from Delhi to Jhansi and then a 20min car ride.

Orchha was once the seat of power for Central India and is now famous for the many temples that dot the area.

The most famous are the Jahangir Mahal, the Ram Raja Temple and the Chaturbhuj Temple.

The temples have, admittedly, seen better days, but what remains is still pretty amazing to see (particularly some of the artwork inside).

I hope you like the photos.

This is the Jahangir Mahal:

Looking across to the Rama Raja Temple

The magnificent doors to the Jahangir Mahal
Navina will always put on a dance performance: 

What’s India without a cow photo:

The Chaturbhuj Temple
This series of photos are from the inside of the Lakshmi Temple:

This temple complex is by the river and is where they cremate the bodies. We saw a lot of vultures hanging around this complex:

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