Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Giovanni (my dad)

One of the major family birthdays we went back to Australia for was my dad’s 90th.

We were a little worried about giving him a heart attack as: he didn’t know that a party had been arranged and he didn’t know that Tania and I had flown back especially for this.

The look on his face was priceless.

We invited a lot of his friends who came over in the 50’s with dad (those that were still around) – these people were my surrogate aunts and uncles and I hadn’t seen many of them in over 20yrs.

It was also the first time in ages that the entire Doimo clan (of Australia) were together in the one place at the same time.

It was a great afternoon and I know dad loved being the centre of attention. 

The look: priceless !!
Kay & Doug (Tania's parents) also came up for the party
My brother (Lui) with my godfather (Martin) & his wife (Mary)

Santina (L) with the Scaini family
My nephew (Stephen) & my niece (Nina)
Dad & Emelia
A very rare photo indeed - the entire Australian Doimo clan
Gotta love the RSL wine glasses !!

My brother Lui (L), me, dad & my brother Franco (R)

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