Saturday, February 12, 2011

An observation on Indian driving

Where the hell did these guys get their licence from ??

How can you have seven lanes of traffic in a three (sometimes two) lane road ?? I don't know but it somehow works here. Three of those lanes will generally be the tuk-tuks. And...that doesn't take into account people walking on the road, pushing trolleys or anything else for that matter. just seems to flow. The "magic arm" helps too: this is arm hanging out the window of whatever vehicle, that indicates "I'm going this not hit me".

Don't even get me started on roundabouts: they truly are a free-for-all.

Saying that, however, I can see method to the madness. No-one seems to drive faster than 50 kph. Any faster & you can't anticipate what the 20 million other cars on the road are going to do.


  1. Road rules, or behaviour is tied intricately to culture and interactions. It is fascinating as you learn the social rules and norms of a culture the way there traffic works makes sense. Our traffic flow heavily relies on others obeying a strict set of rules, others are more fluid but no less strict just in a different way. If you can understand the traffic you will understand what it means to be Indian.

  2. Oh Sandro, I can tell you haven't spent much time in Asia before :-) 'elizard' sums it up nicely - as you learn about India, the traffic will make sense. Me thinks you'll struggle to come to terms with Australian traffic too in a few years time. Have fun!