Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shopping at the Mall

Yesterday, Tania & I went shopping at two of the malls here (Ansal Plaza & DLF at Vasant Kunj). malls are a bit of a novelty here in India & we're both curious to see what sort of shops they had. As it turns out, between the two malls, we managed to pick a lovely sari for Tania, a matching tie for me (we've got a wedding reception we're going to on Monday night), shoes to go with said sari & running shoes for Tania. We even managed to have a lovely Japanese meal at the DLF.

Driving to the malls, you got to see the smokey haze (ie: pollution) that seems to envelope New Delhi for most of the year. We read an article in the local paper today that said that 3,00 people die in Delhi every year as a result of the pollution. Guess where one of the worst areas is ?? On the ring road that runs right past our (potential) new place.

Oh joy !!

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