Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The concept of "free parking" at Kahn Markets

I'm sure this applies for other markets in New Delhi & quite possibly, the rest of India.

Kahn Markets have signs up all over the place that say "Free Parking" & "Do not pay the parking attendants". Even the parking attendants wear shirts that say "Free Parking".

The reality is like this:

Parking is a bit of a free-for-all there & the Indians will try to cram as many cars as they can into every available space. If you're leaving your car, you leave it unlocked & the hand brake disengaged..that way when it's time for someone to leave, they can simply push your car (& others) out of the way, thus creating a space for the car to leave.

Now..on the subject of leaving, if you actually want to get out, this seems to be where you pay "a fee" (normally IR10 - about 20cents) for them to move cars about, creating room for you to move your car.

Only in India.

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