Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinner at Bukhara

It was Tania’s birthday yesterday (the 14th) so we went to this very famous Indian restaurant called “Bukhara”. It’s the sort of place that US presidents (ie: Clinton & Obama) have eaten at & is constantly judged one of the best Indian restaurants (certainly in India).

Its specialty is North-West Indian & it was an amazing (& quite expensive) meal.

We went for one of the presidential (Clinton) meals: you start off with a serve of pappadums with onions, mint chutney & yoghurt with peppers & onion. Go easy on the pappadums because wait until you see the main meal.

You're presented with a plate of meat, all cooked in the tandoor. There's lamb & there's chicken (what more do you need). The lamb just melted in your mouth & the chicken was to die for.

Add to that a bowl of the Bukhara dahl, potato skins stuffed with mashed potato (then deep fried), some naan bread & you were in heaven.

You weren’t given forks so it was a case of just digging in with the hands.

We had the meal with a NZ white & finished it off with some almond & cardamom ice-cream & a dumpling in a sugar syrup sauce with some cold noodles. Yum !!

There was so much food (I know it doesn’t look like much but looks can be deceiving) that we couldn’t finish it all. The staff kindly packaged it up in a doggy bag (actually...we weren't the only ones who couldn't finish our meals) so I’ve got dinner all set for tonight (Tania has a function she’s going to).

I can highly recommend dinner there: they have a signature Bukhara naan that is simply huge & perfect for large groups.

For you vegetarians, you're well & truly catered for as well: there are many excellent vegetarian dishes to choose from.

Fine dining group: you know who you are !! We are definitely coming here for a dinner.

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