Monday, March 7, 2011

The "T&S Taj" is now open for business

The T&S Taj (conveniently located in Vasant Vihar) is now open for guests. Yes..we finally have moved in. Yay !!

The furnishings are somewhat bare at the moment: our furniture is ordered but won’t be arriving for at least a month. We’re making do with a temporary kit.

The kitchen is somewhat bare at the moment as well: our stuff from OZ (all our kitchen goodies & cookbooks) won’t be here until the end of the month (we hope).

The place has had a few niggling problems (electrical & plumbing) to be expected with a new place. The funniest is our washing machine on the back balcony. It’s a brand new washing machine that advertises itself as being less noisy & having less vibration. Well..this “less noisy & less vibration” machine is certainly trying to do its best kangaroo impersonation. Tania took a video of me trying to explain why I was sitting on the washing machine: it’s so noisy that you can barely hear what I’m saying & the thing is really throwing me around: it’s like being in the rodeo !!

But that aside...we have guest beds & lots of bathrooms. So..if you’re thinking of heading over to the Indian sub-continent, just let me know & I’ll put it in the calendar.

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