Sunday, March 20, 2011

Other sagas this week

We were waiting on our dryer to turn up & it finally did on Monday afternoon. The delivery guys kindly arrived while I was away & thoughtfully dumped it at the bottom of the stairs.

I got back from lunch & had to get our security guard to help me get it into the lift & into the apartment. There, I dragged it onto the back balcony (which is now our laundry) & out of its box.

While looking at the instruction manual (yes....I do actually read the manual !!), I noticed the three most feared words in the English language: "some assembly required".

Luckily I had my trusty swiss army knife (complete with screw driver & multiple/interchangeable heads) because I would have been screwed (no pun intended) otherwise !!

With a bit of brute force & lots of swearing in the meantime, I managed to assemble the legs & get the dryer in a stable position. We now have a washer/dryer combo. Yay !!

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