Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Golden Temple

Kyoto has many temples & shrines within the city & one of the most famous is the Kinkakuji Temple....better known as the "Golden Temple".

A temple was first erected on the site in the late 1300's. The current temple was built in the 1950's after the original was burnt down by a monk. The temple was restored in its entirety although there have been some doubts expressed about the gold-leaf coating.

The temple is pretty amazing & is one of the most visited sites in Japan. The day we were there, there were over thirty school groups. Some of them wanted to talk English with us & get us to sign their notepads (I think it was a school project for them as this happened a number of times with us).

As with all the temple complexes, there were some amazing & tranquil gardens to wander around.

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