Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Reception

After a very brief ceremony, we headed off to the reception area: at a resort backing onto lovely & serene park & garden, that we as guests, could wander around before we got down to the business of the reception. I could've stayed there forever: it was such a lovely garden (great gift shop there too).

Before we got to the meal, there was a ceremonial breaking of the sake barrel: the bride & groom had to break the lid off a barrel containing 18 litres of pretty good quality sake.

The meal was a sit down affair consisting of the following:

Seasonal Japanese delacacies with sea urchin

Five assorted seasonal temptations

Velvety savoury steamed egg custard with shark fin

Decorative freshly caught snapper, fatty tuna & squid

Fancy lightly crumbed fried lobster with herb infused amadai, complmented by a duo of seasonal spices & sudachi citrus dressing

Quality sirloin wagyu with fram fresh veges complemented by "shisuien" original sauce

Steamed mochi rice with red beans covered by yoshino sticky sauce & a side of Japanese pickled veges

Wedding cake with a selection of fresh fruit jelly served with coffee.

I've included some photos of the courses for your drooling pleasure:

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