Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Japanese Wedding

The main reason Tania & I went to Japan was to attend the wedding of our good friends Marc & Tsukasa. The ceremony was a traditional Shinto one , held at the Kamigamo Shrine. interesting thing happened on the way to the wedding. Tania, myself & Marc's family were all staying at the same hotel in downtown Kyoto. We got two taxis to take us to the shrine.

The problem was that we ended up at the wrong shrine. We went to the Shimogamo Shrine instead of the Kamigamo Shrine. It took us a few minutes to figure out our mistake.

Thankfully we managed to find two taxis that just happened to be dropping off some people to the shrine. A quick chat to the drivers explained our situation: "Right...we're at the wrong shrine. I've got the groom's parents with me & we need to get to the Kamigamo Shrine by 1.30pm. Can you do that ??" We were assured by the driver that he would get us there in time & he did....just !!

I can still see Marc frantically waving at us to get a move on as we exited from the taxis.

We were then lined up (groom's guests to one side & bride's guests to the other)& followed the priest (& assistant) into the temple complex.

The ceremony was a short one & I'm sure I offended several gods by taking photos where I wasn't supposed to, walking with shoes where I wasn't supposed to, etc....

The temple seemed to be quite popular for weddings as there were several groups of bride/grooms lining up for the walk to the shrine.

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