Sunday, May 1, 2011

A house full of furniture

For those of you that have been asking....yes...we did get all our furniture. The last truckload of furniture (the one that was "seized" by the rabid unionists) turned up on the Monday (as was hinted by the furniture people).

The house now feels like a home as we've unpacked all the boxes. We only have about 3/4 of the cook books out on display & we need yet another bookcase for the rest of the books. This hasn't even taken into account all the books we'll be buying here & online.

We had our first dinner party last night with some of the folks we work with. It was a lovely evening with great food, lots of wine (as we are now members of the commissary & have access to lots of cheap wine) & great conversation until the wee hours.

The menu was:

spaghetti bolognese - enough to feed the entire embassy

oven roasted chicken with parma ham served with:
porcini oven-roasted potatoes (OMG !! They were so good !!)
perperonatta (stewed capsicum & onions)


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