Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dinner at "Wasabi" Restaurant

A few weeks ago, Tania, myself & a good friend (Joanna) went to a Japanese restaurant in the Taj Hotel near to Kahn Markets. It's a bit hard to find decent Japanese but we've managed to find two places so far (this is the second one). are photos of the meal for your drooling pleasure:

These are blanched peas in their shell that make a great start to a meal.

We ordered some Sakai to go with the meal.

This was Tania's entree. Not quite sure what it was but it tasted great.

This was my entree: a lobster soup.

This was Tania's 18hr slow-cooked pork belly (insert sound of Homer drooling here)

This was Joanna's lobster dish

This was my lobster dish served with a special tea (that you can see on the side).

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