Thursday, August 11, 2011

What does a $US20,000 carpet look like ??

The day after our at-home dinner, Tania, myself & a couple of friends went carpet shopping at Mr Shabir’s. He showed some lovely carpets...including this magnificent, antique (it’s over 100yrs old) piece that is only $US20,000 !!

Tania absolutely adores it; I think it’s a lovely piece but neither of us could justify spending that much money.

Instead, the five of us walked out with a variety of carpets (not telling how much) to “try-before-we-buy”. They let you do that here: take home carpets to see how it looks & feels before you commit to buying the piece. I think it’s a great idea.

An update to this story: we had the carpets for just under two weeks & while they looked great at the showroom, they just didn’t work with our furniture. A call to Mr. Shabir & he came out one night during the week with a selection from the showroom. We ended up replacing all the carpets we took home from the showroom, with ones that look much, much better (& cost much, much more).

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