Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mumbai - Dinner at Rat Alley

About two weeks ago, Tania, myself, our friends Chris & Manfred went down to Mumbai for the weekend. It was a chance to get out of Delhi & to see Tania's old stomping ground.

We stayed at the lovely Taj Palace hotel: overlooking the "Gateway to India".

If the place looks familiar, it should. The Taj Palace was one of the hotels targetted in the 2008 terrorist attacks.

On our first night, we went to a very famous restaurant for dinner. The place is called "Bademiya" & is located on Tulloch Rd....just behind the hotel. It's not really a restauarant in the true sense....more like two "stalls" on the side of the street: one stall preparing the best middle-eastern style kebabs in India (apparantly, folks from the Middle East come here specifically to try the kebabs); the other stall prepares the breads.

The place is also known by another name: rat alley. This night we didn't have rats crawling under our feet, but we did have a lovely cat wanting some attention from us.

When you first get there, there is just a mass of people in the street. Then you notice that the footpaths have tables set up on them & they are all filled with people tucking into a meal of some description. Cars pull up onto the side of the footpath; someone comes up to take their order, it's delivered, they sit in the car, eating away. Once they're finished, their plates are taken away, they are offered a hand washing service; they drive off & another car comes in to take their place.

Others simply drive their car up, get out, order their meal & eat their meal on the hood of the car. It's quite amazing to watch this "mass of humanity" tucking into kebabs !!

We ordered a few serves of the kebabs, some paneer, bread & a version of butter chicken which was really quite tasty. Between four of us, the meal cost us Rs 1100. It was the best value for money meal: it was filling, it tasted great & it didn't make us sick.

We finished the evening at one of the hotel's bars...drinking the cocktail "From the Sea - 1933" (a cocktail specific to the hotel..comes complete with a waiter giving you a personal explanation of the history of the cocktail)

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