Sunday, June 3, 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts

Hiya folks....sorry that you haven't seen any posts from me this last month. Things have been relatively quiet for the first half of May & then on the 19th, Tania & I went on a two week holiday to sunny (& tasty) Spain.

So...over the next week or two, I will be posting photos & stories from our adventures in Spain.

Here's a taste (figuratively speaking) of what you can expect:

We flew into Madrid at about 8:00pm (local time) - we had a seven hour flight from Delhi to Helsinki; an hour stopover in Helsinki & then a four hour flight to Madrid. By the time we got to our hotel (just off the Gran Via - one the main shopping streets in Madrid), it was close to 9:30pm.

We decided to get something to eat - here's our first meal in Spain (it kinda set the trend for the rest of our time here):

How many ways to eat meat ??

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