Sunday, June 10, 2012

In keeping with the Spanish Theme...

In keeping with the Spanish theme of the next couple of posts, last night, Tania & I hosted some friends over for a night of Tapas (using the many ingredients we bought back from Spain).

The day leading up to the dinner was quite busy while we prepared the numerous dishes (& the sangria). One dish that we were really loooking forward to was the Croquetas (with Jamon). It turned out to be a bit of a disaster - the batter tasted so good but it was too moist & I couldn't roll it into sausage shapes to then be deep fried.

Pity...the rest of the dinner turned out really well.

So......for your drooling pleasure (once again):

What's a Tapas night without a big jug of Sangria
 Here you see a selection of cold cuts we picked up in Spain - there's Chorizo, there's Jamon, some Salami & Manchego cheese
 Here you see a selction of dishes: Meatballs in a totmato salsa a big hit with everyone), grilled asparagus & Andalucian Gazpacho
 Patas Bravas with a traditional spicy sauce
 This is actually reindeer salami that we picked up at Helsinki airport
 A close up of the Gazpacho
 Pan-fried mushrooms with a bit of garlic


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