Saturday, June 16, 2012

Great Tapas in Cordoba

We went to two really great tapas bars in Cordoba. One was a recommendation from the Lonely Planet at this place called “Taberna Salinas”.

The meal we had there was amazing. Their speciality was a fried Aubergine with a dessert wine reduction sauce (yum !!). We also had pan-fried mushrooms with garlic (also very nice); an asparagus casserole – which we thought would be a true vegetarian dish but turned out to have been cooked in a pork broth & had bits of Jamon throughout it (very nice just the same); pork meatballs with chips.

The meal was finished off with a glass of this amazing dessert wine: P.X. Delgado Dulce

These aubergine fritters were so good !!

The aspargus casserole

The fried mushrooms with garlic

The pork meatballs

The other place was one that we stumbled across as we were walking around the town. It’s called “Bodega Mezquita”. Again...the meal we had there was pretty amazing:

A cheese platter to start things off
Fried aubergine with a dessert wine reduction sauce
Pork meatballs
The standard croquettas with Jamon
The most beautiful lamb cooked in a tajine
A dessert platter

What was left of the cheese platter

The aubergine with the dessert wine reduction

The pork meatballs

Ah !! Croquettas

The most divine lamb (with rosemary)

Our dessert platter to finish things off

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