Saturday, November 23, 2013

A trip to Darjeeling - Arrival

Last weekend, Tania, myself and Paul spent a long weekend up in Darjeeling.

During the time of the British Raj and when Calcutta was the capital, Darjeeling was the summer getaway for the Brits. This was a time before the car so it would take the Brits about 10 days to get up to Darjeeling where they would stay for three months during the height of summer.

When New Delhi became the capital, Shimla became the summer getaway for those in power; its design based on the layout of Darjeeling.

The countryside surrounding Darjeeling is stunning with views of the tea plantations and the lower Himalayas including the third highest mountain in the world: Kangchenjunga.

The drive up is pretty hair-raising (for those of you that still have hair) with plenty of switch-backs but the views are worth it. 

Here’s how it looks driving up the mountain:

The town itself is quite nice but the roads have to be seen to be believed. Somehow, all the drivers seem to be able to squeeze by each other with just enough room.

Here are some views of the town:

The toy train running between Darjeeling & Ghoom
A view of Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling

It's a dog's life !!

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