Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diwali Fireworks

As you know, we recently celebrated the festival of Diwali here in India. It is the Festival of Light but to us expats, it’s an excuse to head down to Old Delhi; buy fireworks (they are so cheap here !!); go to someone’s house; have a BBQ on the roof; have some beers and let off said fireworks (you know...bring out the pyromaniac in us all).

What could possibly go wrong with letting off fireworks in such a “safe” environment as that ??

Can I just say that being on a rooftop is the best way to celebrate Diwali as you can see all the fireworks around the suburb going off.

Here are some photos from the night on Gary and Lynda’s rooftop:

Tony: Look behind you !!
Behind you !!

 A collection of some of the resident pyromaniacs 

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