Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last Day in Amman

We are now at the end of the Arabian Nights Tour 2013 with our last day in Amman.

We had a whole day (we weren’t leaving until 8.30pm that evening) so we took the opportunity to have a last look around the city.

The first place we went to was the Citadel – the ruins you see are a mix of Roman (the major ruins being the Temple of Hercules) and Muslim.

Evidence suggests that the site has been occupied since Neolithic times.

It was pretty amazing to wander through the site and overlook the city of Amman.

Here is a selection of photos:

The next place we went to was the Royal Automobile Museum. This museum contains the private collection of cars of King Hussein (King Abdullah’s father). King Hussein was a car fanatic and, judging from the cars, had very good tastes.

He was even a rally driver.

We only had 20 min to wander through the museum (we picked a day to visit when it closed early) so here’s a small sample of the cars we saw:

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