Monday, May 6, 2013

Wadi Rum - Lawrence’s Spring

Upon arrival at the town of Rum, we met up with our guide, Saleh who would be looking after us for the next two days. He has a campsite out on the Wadi that we would soon be heading to.

He runs camping & safari tours of the Wadi. He really looked after us & we highly recommend him for anyone thinking about doing this sort of thing.

His email address is:

He is a lovely bloke who opened up his house to us & made us feel comfortable before we headed out to the Wadi.

As a precursor, he took us to a place called “Lawrence’s Spring”, just on the outskirts of Rum.

It’s a lovely (& green) oasis, a bit of a walk up the mountain.

Here are some photos from the walk:

The kids: Sonia, Alison & Nathan

The doll Rosie (aka Lucy) - she became a feature of the holiday 

Helen got lost looking for the spring
Lawrence's Spring
Nabataean artwork
Looking back towards the town of Rum
David & Helen
Saleh dressed up in his finest

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