Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Dead Sea

After our visit to Jerusalem (it only took us an hour to cross the border back in to Jordan), we headed to a resort on the shores of the Dead Sea for two days rest and general relaxation.

The break was great.

The Dead Sea borders Jordan to the East and the West Bank of Israel. It is the lowest surface point in Earth – 423m below sea level and is also the saltiest with a 33.7% salinity level.

“Swimming” in the Dead Sea is an experience. Due to the salinity levels, you can’t swim in the normal sense, but you float on your back (or on your stomach if you want) as you are so buoyant.

Getting in is fine but getting out is a bit a struggle – while trying to get out, I managed to fall face first into the Sea. It was not a pleasant experience.

The resort was great though.

The famous Dead Sea mud wrap

Looking at across to the West Bank

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