Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wadi Rum - The Arch of Doom

There’s a story to this rather interesting post title.

Located all around the Wadi, are these natural rock archways. Some of them are easily accessible & you can climb up onto them.

This particular one that Atik drove us up to wasn’t too high & with a bit of thought, you could easily climb up to the archway.

Atik negotiated the rock face like a mountain goat (me thinks he’s done this sort of thing many times before) & was up onto the archway before you knew it. The guys decided they’d give it a go & carefully worked their way up.

Got some nice photos of them up there (as you will see).

The guys were very happy to have climbed up & kept talking about it.

Now...by the time we got back to the camp, the story of their climb up the archway went something like this: they’d faced & scaled the “Rockface of Death” to walk across the “Tightrope of Courage” that overlooked the “Arch of Doom”.


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