Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wadi Rum – The Camel Ride

Saleh had arranged for us to take a camel ride from the town of Rum back to the campsite.

During the day, while we were out in the Wadi, Saleh had managed to get me a pretty specky looking dishdasha that I wore back to the camp.

The ride would take about two hours.

We were a bit worried about young Ali & whether she wanted to ride the camel. She was a real trooper from the moment she hopped on – she loved every minute of it. She kept yelling out to Tania: “Tania !! I’m not scared!! I’m really not scared!! I’m really loving this!!”

Me....I was kinda was the opposite. It was two hours of pain & discomfort that I could’ve done without. I was always worried of falling of the saddle & trying to take photos one-handed while hanging on to dear life to the big wooden knob of the saddle that was digging in to my stomach.

I’m very happy the photos I did take turned out the way they did – I gave my camera to Saleh at one point so some of the photos you see are his.

After two hours in the saddle, we were all very glad to get off – except for Dave, who got off his camel ¾ of the way along.

All of us were walking a bit bow-legged & feeling very sore.

Me doing my best Lawrence of Arabia impersonation

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